Industrial Cleaning Systems
Standard Model


• Suitable for cleaning small parts of small to large size and low weight upto 800 kg
• Maximum cleaning efficiency with optimum spray pattern with high impact jet
• Provision of fixtures for holding parts.
• User friendly control panel with timer
• No human contact necessary, completely automatic
• Suitable for use of safe, low cost water based bio-degradable aqueous solution
• Contaminations removal with most efficient filters during recirculation of cleaning solution.
• Reduces cost of cleaning by reuse of cleaning solution, minimum labour and reduced cleaning time.

Model NAB01M suitable for service stations, factories, laboratories, garages
Model NAB03M suitable for manufacturing units with light to medium work load
Model NAB05M suitable for heavier components that requires frequent cleaning
Technical Specification :
Model Description
1000 mm
2500 mm
2800 mm
860 mm
1200 mm
1400 mm
860 mm
1200 mm
1400 mm
1.0 HP
3.0 HP
5.0 HP
0.8 kg/cm2
2.8 kg/cm2
4.5 kg/cm2
Turn table rotation
8 rpm
8 rpm
6 rpm
Turn table drive
0.5 HP
0.5 HP
1.0 HP
Tank/Pump Capacity
120 liters
300 liters
450 liters
Load capacity
50 kgs
500 kgs
800 kgs
Turn table diameter
500 mm
800 mm
950 mm
Max. work piece height
225 mm
550 mm
750 mm
Optional features :

• Heater coil
• Fan extractor
• Oil skimmer
• Time for pre-heating
• Air knife to remove excess fluid
• Execution in SS material depending upon application



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