Industrial Cleaning Systems
Multi-stage Convey rise Continues Modular System

The Cleaning systems are of multistage moduler design with Chain/Belt to meet the flexibility of customer’s needs for remove of cutting fluids, swarf, grinding particulates, lubricating oils, grease and hydraulic fluids greasy films, polishing and lapping debris.
The systems are ruggedly constructed that provide a lifetime of reliable service. The systems provides the latest in aqueous cleaning, rinsing and drying techniques to produce consistently high quality cleaning standards.
The flexibility of the build concept enables customization and delivers optimum
result in-

• Parts Handling
• Washing
• Rinsing
• Removal of excess fluid
• Drying

Standard Features • High capacity and pressure spray system with provision of nozzles orientation.
• Heavy duty hinge type door for easy opening and closing.
• Fixed/Variable AC/DC conveyor drive.
• MS / 304 SS Housing and Tank.
• Heavy duty Chain /Roller/wire-mesh/Slat/Belt Conveyor.
• Multistage vertical centrifugal pump- SS 304/CS.
• Storage tank insulation.
• Industrial immersion heater with SS housing.
• High capacity and heavy pressure hot air blower.
• Specifically designed fixtures for holding components.
• Paper Band Filter/ Basket and Inline Fine Filter.
• Design for Additional Modules.
• Indexing of pallets/fixtures for parts in multistage of cleaning.
Technical Specification :

Conveyor Width: - 200mm – 1400mm
Machine Module: - 2,3,4,5 or more.
Through put/capacity: - 25kg/Mtr to 250 Kg/Mtr.
Variable Speed: - 500mm – 4000mm/min.

Option :

- Vapor extraction system.
- Oil skimmer.
- Product Programme for Cleaning solution.
- Air Knife.
- Extension to conveyor at loading and unloading stations.

Application: - Automotive components.
- Aero space components.
- General engineering parts.
- Catering equipments.
- Glass components.
- Plastic Rubber components


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