Industrial Cleaning Systems
Nabsons manufacture cleaning systems for variety of applications which provides fast efficient, reliable and cost-effective cleaning of parts and components. Whatever the industry you are in and no matter what needs to be cleaned, we have the solution for you.
The cleaning systems are engineered using innovating process technology with at most consideration of water conservation to clean the parts meeting international standards and to utilize minimum quantum of water.

Product Range
Nabsons Engineering Limited has wide range of models for cleaning system to select from Scale-down versions of standard Models are available for small organization and repair/service shops / stations.

• Removal of grease, oil, burnt oil
• Removal of dust, grime
• General cleaning
• Removal of paint
• Removal of scrap material, burrs
• Pre-painting surface preparation – coating

Mini Parts Washer

• Best suited for Efficient and fast cleaning of small parts in laboratories, service station and maintenance workshops.
• User friendly operation.
• Completely Automatic.
• Suitable for low cost water based aqueous solution/kerosene/diesel.
• Recycling of cleaning media with efficient filters.
• Lowest cost of cleaning by reuse of cleaning media, minimum labor and reduced cleaning time.

Standard Model

• Suitable for cleaning small parts of small to large size and low weight upto 800 kg
• Maximum cleaning efficiency with optimum spray pattern with high impact jet
• Provision of fixtures for holding parts.
• User friendly control panel with timer
• No human contact necessary, completely automatic
• Suitable for use of safe, low cost water based bio-degradable aqueous solution
• Contaminations removal with most efficient filters during recirculation of cleaning solution.
• Reduces cost of cleaning by reuse of cleaning solution, minimum labour and reduced cleaning time.

Combined Immersion With High Turbulence And High Pressure Jet Cleaning Model

The immersion with high pressure cleaning system Model: - NAB01M-IS comprises of a rotating table with basket / fixtures, powered by AC geared motor revolving at fixed low rpm, ensure sufficient exposure of parts/components to first high turbulent / swirling cleaning solution and subsequently high pressure spray jet created by high pressure pump and spray nozzles to release trapped contaminants resulting in cleaned parts. To complete the process, rotation of parts coupled with blow of high-pressure compressed air through air nipples drains the trapped solution and dries the parts.

Multi-stage Convey rise Continues Modular System
The Cleaning systems are of multistage moduler design with Chain/Belt to meet the flexibility of customer’s needs for remove of cutting fluids, swarf, grinding particulates, lubricating oils, grease and hydraulic fluids greasy films, polishing and lapping debris.
The systems are ruggedly constructed that provide a lifetime of reliable service. The systems provides the latest in aqueous cleaning, rinsing and drying techniques to produce consistently high quality cleaning standards.
The flexibility of the build concept enables customization and delivers optimum
result in-
Portable Cleaning System Blaster
• Most suitable for surface preparation, heavy equipment washing and pipes / drains jetting/conveyor cleaning.
• Rugged and durable construction
• Extremely high pressure cleaning system – pressure ranging from 20 – 300 bar
• Single point discharge
• Long handle lance to reach inner side of parts
• Extended delivery hose life


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