Industrial Cleaning Systems
Combined Immersion with High Turbulence and High Pressure Jet Cleaning System.

Description & Technical Specifications.

The immersion with high pressure cleaning system Model: - NAB01M-IS comprises of a rotating table with basket / fixtures, powered by AC geared motor revolving at fixed low rpm, ensure sufficient exposure of parts/components to first high turbulent / swirling cleaning solution and subsequently high pressure spray jet created by high pressure pump and spray nozzles to release trapped contaminants resulting in cleaned parts. To complete the process, rotation of parts coupled with blow of high-pressure compressed air through air nipples drains the trapped solution and dries the parts.

Technical Specification :
Sr No.
Model No.
01. Overall dimensions 1400 x 870 x 1250 mm
02. Washing Chamber Size 380 x 500 x 1250 mm
03. Maximum weight of parts/
50 Kg.
04. Turn Table Size 350 mm Diameter.
05. Turn Table RPM 8 to 10
06. TGeared Motor 0.5 HP
07. Cleaning Nozzle / Nipples 3 - 6
08. Solvent tank Capacity 110 Ltr
09. Solvent Pump 20 LPM
10. Filter System Bag Filter
Salient Feature :
- Immersion with high turbulence, power spray wash.
- Exceptional Cleaning results for dies, parts with drilled blank and taper holes, intricate shape parts.
- Ideal for lean manufacturing cells.
- Reduced down time.
- Allows processing of specific parts or custom baskets.
- Suitable for low cost biodegradable cleaning solution.


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