Bucket and Ground Engaged parts for Earth Moving Machinery.
Mechanical wire (rope) Operated Grabs are designed and engineered with consideration of highest possible volume without excessive dead weight. The friction in mechanism of articulation is minimum with the provision of excellent bush/bearing system.
Single Rope Grab

For general purpose cranes, dock side cranes and ship board cranes.

Grab for ORES and MINERALS

For high density material such as iron ore, heavy duty grabs are designed for excellent penetration and good filling.

Grab for COAL and COKES

The Grabs are specially designed for handling coal, cokes and similar material.

Special GRAB

Nabsons develops and builds tailor made grab solutions for specific situation and customer.

These are special grabs for various types of scrap, rocks and stones and wood chips.
Capacity :
Available from 0.16 cum to 6 cum SAE.
Material :
Medium Tensile Steel ( Tensile strength 40-45 kg/cm2) or high Tensile Steel ( Tensile strength 50- 55 kg/cm2) or alloy steel and Mn steel Combination of both depending on the application.


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